11 July 2010

We are open!!!

We have finally made it, unfortunately 5 days behind schedule, but the construction is finally over!

There are still some units that need interior finishing and the garden need some more work, but overall the guests comments were: Cute fales, nice setup and great beach!
Other comments were: "In our shower... Hot is Cold and Cold is Hot" and "the ceiling fan in our room is blowing the air at the ceiling" and and things like that! These issues were fixed right away of course!!!

Yes, the gardens indeed are not yet again like they were at the old location, but (as I have been told) the beach makes more than up for it!

Below there are some pictures that show the final stages of the Restaurant roof as well as a sunset view, part of the construction team that stuck it out until the end, the restaurant by night and one pictures of part of the garden looking at the finished bungalows!

I'll also post pictures from the interiors as soon as they come available.

10 June 2010

Finally, we're almost done!!!

It has been quite a ride... but we're almost there!

We have just under three weeks to go and we are back on schedule. We have unfortunately had to change construction teams, as it became clear in mid May that the first team had no intention of getting the project completed in time and were starting to seriously drag their feet.

It is so good to see how much progress has taken place over the past two weeks alone, the restaurant has been moved in just over a week, the tiling is 70% done and the bungalows look so cute with their traditional exterior wall lining (coconut leafs). The woven coconut leafs were prepared by the people of the nearby villages in record time (great effort), and it helped that we have had almost no rain during the past two weeks, as it is not a good idea to climb a coconut tree when it has rained.

As the completion (in time for July 1st) now has to be our foremost priority, we have no time to spare, which unfortunately means that this will most probably be the only blog update for June. The next update will likely take place in the first week of July (after the opening).

The pictures on the right show the Restaurant going back up again and two different perspectives of the bungalows.

09 May 2010

It's been a busy month!

First came the launch of the new website on April the 19th, which almost had to be delayed for a week, as our main computer decided not to start up anymore two days prior to the launching date (motherboard went bad). Luckily a reasonable replacement was at hand and in only 36 hours the temporary replacement was configured and the website was able to be launched on time. The replacement has "by the way" in the meantime also decided to break down, but as the permanent replacement has now arrived from New Zealand, it was no serious setback! So much to that.... now to the far more exiting part!

As you can see from the pictures, there has been good progress over the past weeks;
(Pictures explained from top)

In picture (1.) you can see the building that houses the four standard rooms, as well as the communal bathroom/toilet block, the communal kitchen and other utility rooms (about 80% complete).
Image (2.) shows part of the team busy painting the inside of the residence building (see the residence walls going up in the april the 7th blog entry).
On picture (3.) you can find out what we do at break time. Going with the motto... first work hard, then rest hard!!!
The wooden roofing shingles have arrived and as you can see on picture (4.), there are a lot of them and they all need to be attached one by one by one by one (by the way... the picture only show about half of the timber shingles).
But all the hard work (and overtime) are so worth it when one is rewarded at the end of the day, with such beautiful scenes as can be seen on picture (5.)!!!

19 April 2010

07 April 2010

Tiles and Beds have left Hong Kong (23.3.2010)!

Finally, an update again!

The timber has finally arrived, a couple of weeks behind schedule, but we have utilised the time well and are still on track for the opening on July 1st)! The pictures here show the progress we made in only one day.

During the past weeks we have also cleaned up the mess created by the concrete works (and a big mess it was), afterwards we continued planting and landscaping (it all is starting to take shape)!

By the way, our NEW WEBSITE is also taking shape at the moment and we expect that it will go live on (or before) April 19th! As promised, with a relocation special offer!

28 February 2010

Fales are being moved!

Foundations and concrete walls are now 95% done!

All foundations and brick walls are at this stage ready enough for the buildings at our old location (Tofoa) to be moved here! Temporary telephone line, electricity and water have now also been connected, finally!

Cyclone Rene caused only minor delays, due to a temporary power outage on the westcoast, but we were pleased that there was absolutely no damage to trees, buildings and equiptment at the new and the old site!

Top: Restaurant
Center: Standard room complex
Bottom: Fales (bungalows)

31 January 2010

Two weeks later... and making good progress!

Two weeks have now passed since the first construction began!
The weather has been exceptionally dry and sunny for this time of year, resulting in very good construction progress.

The excellent holiday and construction weather however also meant that further planting had to be minimized until there is a reasonable amount of rain!

If all goes well, week three will see the installation of water, telephone and a temporary electricity terminal, as well as several foundations completed with slaps.

Pictures explained (from top):

1. Some minor planting continues.

2. The restaurant foundation is ready for the gravel filling to arrive.

3. The restaurants filling has arrived and has already been leveled and compacted.

4. All ten bungalow foundations are ready for filling and two have already arrived.

19 January 2010

The construction begins... Finally!

After another month of further preparations, the building has finally begun! The pictures below show some of the progress made in the first two days, and if the weather stays dry (we have not been having much of a wet season so far), we should be able to progress quite well. After so many months of satisfying bureaucracy, everyone is extremely excited to finally see the building process in full swing!

Pictures explained (From the top):

The "first" picture shows the initial positioning of the Restaurant building, using concrete blocks.

In the "second" picture you see the Contractor/Supervising carpenter measuring the exact location and hight of the foundations.

In picture "three" you can see the Restaurant foundation after the measurements and foundation preparations (including steel reinforcements) have been completed and the first few foundation brick have been placed.

The final picture "four" shows the private residence foundation at an already slightly more advance stage!

If all goes well from here, there will be more noticeable progress (more often) and this blog will hopefully be updated more frequently from now on, enjoy!!!